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RECORDER QUEEN is a bio-docu-mation that invites audiences into the heightened sensory world of Australian musician, Genevieve Lacey as she explores what lies beyond becoming a virtuoso.
“It’s curious thing to fall in love wth and instrument, spending the rest of life in its company is even more curious”

Animation, dramatic reconstruction, live documentary footage and performance combine to poetically interpret Genevieve’s experience of a life lived in sound. Metaphors and symbols weave through her story. Birds characters represent her sense of place; the Nightingale for Europe, Rainbow Lorikeet for Australia. Shoes represent the path she is on.


Through animation landscape, culture and music become one.

Genevieve’s narration guides us through her journey.We witness formative moments as a child where she is forever changed by the power of music:

“I knew what had woken in me would be hard to silence”

Genevieve learns to navigate the dark tunnels of potential mental breakdown. She undertakes the rite of passage through her instrument’s old-world soundscapes that eventually lead her to the virtuosic high wire act on the concert stage.

Soaring to technical heights, Genevieve conquers the European stage to become the RECORDER QUEEN.

In animation we witness Genevieve walk an artistic and psychological tightrope while  audiences revel in her Vivaldi-fuelled musical acrobatics. It is heady, exhilarating but ultimately … not enough.

“Whose story was I telling with all this?”

She breaks with tradition, vulnerable and empowered,  and steps knowingly onto the path less travelled in search of her own voice. We see Genevieve and her recorder in a series of musically very different contexts on home soil.

“To thrive here takes different sort of virtuosity”

From working with an outback Aboriginal choir, improvising over electronica and projections in an inner city festival, to an outdoor performance on Sydney harbour.

In narration she describes a series of gradual awakenings that bring her closer to understanding the greater purpose of this life she has chosen with the recorder.

“On this country, it’s clear that my old world instruments are young. I become part of something much older and bigger than I am.”

The final scenes of the film we see Genevieve back in animated virtuosic flight. No longer dressed as Queen, but herself. She revisits the concert halls of Europe, but now she is playing Australian music, representing her own culture and accompanied by a flock of rainbow lorikeets.


RECORDER QUEEN speaks to the universal theme of transcending other peoples’ expectations and living true to your own:

“Together we divine the untold stories emerging in this time and place, our stories… 
…and turn them into music”