Join us for our inaugural day long seminar:  INSIGHTS INTO  MUSIC, FILM & THE RECORDER presented by  the award winning Filmmakers, Musicians and Educators Bob Connolly, Genevieve Lacey, Sophie Raymond, Karen Carey and Susan Sukkar.

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Sessions are either 60 and 90 minutes in length and we invite you to create your own schedule over the day. The duration of the seminar is 6 hours of Professional Development in total.

SESSION 1 – 9:00am:

Making films about music with Director Bob Connolly (60 mins)

Award-winning Documentary filmmaker Bob Connolly (Facing the Music and Mrs Carey’s Concert), will discuss why he chose to make films with music front and centre and how filming, in an observational documentary style, creates such compelling films.

SESSION 2 – 10:15am:

Visualising the experience of making music in Recorder Queen with Sophie Raymond (60 mins)

Based on the work in progress film Recorder Queen, a collaboration between Sophie and Genevieve Lacey, Sophie will present the development process Genevieve and Sophie used to create a cinematic visual language for Genevieve’s experience of being a musician. From the early stages of the process, showing Pinterest boards to other techniques such as creating sound worlds and landscapes, Sophie will illustrate the audio and visual threads that were woven into Genevieve’s story. This will lead to a broader discussion around the use of metaphor and music to tell personal stories.

SESSION 3 – 11:30am:

Taking Flight with virtuoso Genevieve Lacey (60 mins)

Virtuoso Genevieve Lacey brings the Australian landscape to life with her recorder in this delightful session. Starting with a brief history of the recorder and
its links to birdsong, Genevieve will then expand to discuss her collaboration with writer/director Sophie Raymond with Recorder Queen and use the music in the film as a basis for a practical, hands-on exploration of how to explore music in the classroom with particular reference to the art of composition. Genevieve will then demonstrate how the recorder can be used in the classroom using simple listening and expression exercises based around birdsong and the landscape.

[ L U N C H  B R E A K]

SESSION  4 – 1:30pm: 

Free Thinking and Composition with Karen Carey and guest player Genevieve Lacey (90 mins)

In this practical workshop using the recorder, teachers will be guided in exploring the art of simple composition in a classroom setting. Highlighting the educational benefits
of free thinking through improvisation, esteemed music educator Karen Carey will focus on ways of listening and studying contemporary and historical compositions. The session will then expand to demonstrate how the recorder can b e used in a class music making session using music from earlier periods and transforming this repertoire into the contemporary idiom.

SESSION 5A– 3:15pm:

Using the Recorder as a Tool of Mass Instruction! with Susan Sukkar and guest player Genevieve Lacey (90 mins)

This practical workshop will focus on the recorder, its technique, pedagogy and
use in the classroom, for Stage 3, 4 and 5. Participants will have the opportunity to develop practical skills, and explore the potential for this often under-rated instrument as a powerful tool for music education. Participants will hear from a world class virtuosi and also receive tailored repertoire directly applicable to their classroom settings.

SESSION 5B– 3:15pm:

Crafting Narrative with Music and Character (90 mins)

Join Bob Connolly and Sophie Raymond for an overview of how they crafted compelling documentary films by considering the relationship between music, character and narrative. Using excerpts from four of their films – Franklin River Journey, Rats in the Ranks, Facing the Music and Mrs Carey’s Concert. They will demonstrate three distinct ways to integrate music into the story-telling process.

A glorious hymn to music and education, sparkling Oz docu “Mrs. Carey’s Concert” has perfect pitch.
Russell Edwards, Variety

“Between the remarkable musical performances and the tender, insightful human moments, I was not prepared for how much this film would affect me”
Tim Martain, The Mercury

“The beauty of the film lies in its authenticity and the rawness of erratic emotional teenagers. It reduced me to a bag of tears…”
Brenda Chew, The Examiner

“Magnificent. Astonishing… hugely entertaining… incredibly inspirational!”
David Stratton, At the Movies